Advanced Diagnostics Workspace (for Section members only)


Year Created: 2002

Chair:  Dr. David Berman

Vice Chair: Dr. Emina Tolakovic
Secretary: TBC
Treasurer: TBC
Past Chair: Dr. David Lebrun
Members at Large: TBC

The practice of pathology has recently undergone rapid changes in the use of ancillary technology in the diagnosis of disease states. Whereas the disciplines of anatomic pathology, medical biochemistry, laboratory haematology and medical microbiology remain distinct in the way training programs and clinical practice are organised, there is a convergence of technologies which are increasingly based on immunologic and molecular tools. Diagnostic platforms, translational and basic research tools in each of these disciplines are similarly converging. With this is mind, the Molecular Pathology and Experimental Pathology Sections agreed to join forces and create this new section. Professionals from all laboratory disciplines are invited to join this exciting venture.


 - last updated August 2009 -