Hematological Pathology Section workspace (Section members only)


Year Created: 1990

Chair:   Dr. Catherine Ross  rossca@hh


Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee exercises all powers and duties delegated to and by the section. The current officers are:

Past Chair :

Dr. Marciano Reis
Dr. Gaynor Williams
Dr. Brian Sheridan
Dr. Louis Wadsworth
Dr. Carmen Morales
Dr. Brian Berry
Dr. Calvino Cheng


Qualifications for Membership:
“Membership in the section shall be available to any member of the Canadian Association of Pathologists regardless of their class of membership provided they have expressed an interest in Hematological Pathology.”

Previous Chairs:
1990 Dr. P. Gordon
1991-1992 Dr. G. Gray
1993 Dr. D. Pantalony
1994 Dr. W. Corbett
1995 Dr. P. Gordon
1996-2000 Dr. L. Shepherd
2001-2002 Dr. E. Zayed
2003-2004 Dr. G. Williams
2005-2006 Dr. M. Reis

Hematological Pathology Work Area (section members only)

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