Nominating Committee Workspace (for Committee members only)


Year Created: 1949

Chair: Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys (Halifax, NS)

Purpose: This Committee was established to develop a slate of officers (Executive Committee) for the ensuing year. The officers include:

(The Journal Editor and the Website Editor and the Chair of the CAP-ACP Section of Patient Safety and Quality Assurance are are ex-officio voting members of the Executive Committee)

Membership: The Nominating Committee consists of:

 Nomination Process:

  1. Announcement of the Proposed Slate of Officers
    The Nominating Committee presents its proposed slate of officers in the Journal of Canadian Pathology and on the CAP Website at least ninety (90) days prior to the Annual General Meeting, and at the same time requests additional nominations from the general membership.
  2. Additional Nomination Period
    Requirements for Nominations from the General Membership:
    o Must be signed by five (5) qualified (membership dues paid up) ordinary members
    o Must be agreed to by the proposed nominee, who must be a qualified Ordinary Member
    o Must be received at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting
  3. Ballot (if necessary)
    If additional nominations are received, a written ballot of eligible voting members of the Association will be held prior to the Annual General Meeting, under the supervision of the Nominating Committee.
  4. Announcement of the Elected Slate of Officers
    The slate of elected officers, or, in the event that no additional nominations were received, that proposed by the Nominating Committee will be announced at the Annual General Meeting by the Past-President (Chair of the Nominating Committee).